5 Worthwhile Baby Carriers in 2019

A baby is a fragile creature but you are also a busy parent. Even though you want to carry your baby in your arms; the fact that you have to do other things like your work, household chores, and even preparing your baby’s milk bottles and others can prove to be a very

challenging everyday endeavor.

That being said, one way for you to carry your baby while still being able to move with your hands free to do anything is to use a baby carrier.

A lot of parents think that these products are a godsend, especially since they are allowed to do multiple things while carrying their baby with relative ease.

Of course, the market is flooded with so many different products out there, but the thing is that not all of them are worth your while.

Today, I am going to be recommending some of the best baby carriers out there in 2019 that is definitely a worthwhile investment.
Baby Tula Ergonomic Carrier

The Baby Tula Ergonomic Carrier is a backpack-style carrier that has all of the bells and whistles while also maintaining its lightweight and compact form factor.

What I love about this is the fact that you can use this carrier until your little one reaches 25 kg. This carrier also has a 5-point safety harness that not only makes your baby safe and secure while they are on the carrier but also allows them to move their hands freely and unhindered.

It is easy to install and you can quickly slide your baby in and out of the carrier, provided that you have taken care of the safety straps.

LILLEbaby 360 Ergonomic Baby Carrier

One of the main features that you have to consider when choosing a baby carrier is comfort and this product definitely delivers.
It comes with a removable head wedge that can provide your baby with maximum comfort, especially when they are sleeping.

Even if it is constructed with an aluminum frame, the carrier is deceptively lightweight and sturdy and has a retractable body for easy storage and transport.

It also has an adjustable footrest that ensures your baby’s legs are in the perfect orientation that helps prevent Dysplasia.

Baby K’Tan Original

This is a rather simple baby carrier that has multiple adjustment options to achieve the perfect fit. You can adjust the sides so that your baby’s feet will be in the best position possible. You can put your baby in multiple positions as well.

You can carry your baby for a long time using this baby carrier because it is made with reinforced materials that are lightweight and comfortable to the touch too.

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini

BabyBjorn prides itself as a company that makes very comfortable baby carriers. That being said, this particular product is not only comfortable but it comes with loads of features that make it ideal and practical for a lot of different scenarios.

The carrier is made in such a way that perfectly adjusts to your baby’s body; providing maximum comfort and allowing them to move their hands and feet unhindered.

Infantino Flip

Echoing my previous sentiment about maximum comfort, the Infantino Flip is one of the most comfortable baby carriers out there. It is made of durable materials and it also has the straps and buckles necessary to keep your baby safe and secure in place.

You can put your baby in three different positions and its unique feature allows you to remove the hip rest for maximum comfort and stability.