7 Rules for Wearing a Watch that Everybody Should Know

Men are quite technical when it comes to buying a watch as one would think about
watch movements like how an automatic watch moves or how a quartz watch operate.

Women tend to look at a watch as simply as an accessory- something that will
accentuate their looks.

But, there are actually certain rules of wearing a watch that everybody should know and
in this article, I am going to go over each one.

Buy a Watch that Suits You

The first rule is to actually buy a watch that perfectly suits you. You want to pay close
attention to the diameter of the watch and you should buy one that fits perfectly on your wrist.

If it is way too oversized, it is not going to be too flattering. This goes for both casual
and formal watches.

If it is too small, it might look odd and unappealing to onlookers.

Don’t Buy a Dive Watch for Formal Occasions

You might have been a fan of James Bond for quite some time now as he is wearing an
Omega Seamaster, which is technically a dive watch that is paired along with a formal suit.

Well, keep in mind that James Bond is a fictional character and he is a spy. He is the
only person I can think of that would jump on the water wearing a formal suit.

If you are going to buy a watch for formal occasions, do not buy a dive watch because
they are bulky. A great watch for formal events is one that has a more subdued or
subtle look.

Don’t Check the Time Way Too Often

Don’t get me wrong; a watch is definitely one of the best accessories that men can
wear. However, just like it is rude to check your phone when you are out on a date, it is
also equally wrong to check your watch when you are talking to someone or you’re with
someone as that would signal to them that you have someplace to be.

If you absolutely have to check the time, do not do so in the presence of others. And, if
you are going to check the time, only do it once in a while.

Wear It Where It’s Comfortable

Typical knowledge would state that you should wear your watch in your non-dominant
hand as your dominant hand will move more than the other one.

But, that is just bollocks. If you are going to wear a watch, wear it anywhere you want.
Just make sure that it is comfortable and will not get in the way of you actually doing
some stuff.

Match Your Clothing

Wearing a field watch in a formal event and wearing a dress watch outdoors is quite
unappealing. It would be best that you match your timepiece with the clothing that you
are going to wear on that particular day.

Simplicity is Key

Sure, there are watches out there that are fitted with diamonds and shiny objects, but a
sophisticated man should go for a much simpler timepiece. Simplicity speaks louder
than flashiness in this regard.

Don’t Wear the Same Watch Over and Over Again

A sophisticated gentleman should have at least three different watches so that they can
alternate it every day. Wearing the same watch over and over again will make one thing
that you are a chump that cannot afford a luxury timepiece.