Architecture School Tips: How to Improve Architecture Drawings

Familiarize yourself with at least 3 different kinds of axonometrics.

If you really want to improve your architecture drawings early on in school, you must familiarize yourself with the different types of axonometrics. They have the same volume at different angles.

Know and understand dodecahedrons, and how to draw it in axonometric and triple projection.

Practice drawing simple volumes. Among all of them the dodecahedron is probably the most approachable one. Feel free to begin with a triple projection, and then axonometric.

Master triple projections.

Graduating from architecture school, and eventually working at a top architecture company in Malaysia have its own challenges. Learning must happen not just inside school premises, but also at home. Use your free time at home by mastering computer software and triple projections.

Learn how to draw custom ellipses in all kinds of axonometric drawings.

Ellipses are difficult to draw in the usual axonometrics. Thus, drawing customized ones would help you improve your craft.

Develop a passion for solving descriptive geometry problems.

Solve every geometry problem you come across. It’s quite hard to believe, but many architects choose to run away from descriptive geometry. To be successful, you must not do what everyone else is doing. Be passionate, and always work hard to learn new things.

See technical drawing as crucial as freehand drawing.

There is a natural tendency to ignore the importance of technical drawings. A successful future architect must be able to see it as it is. Allocate many hours each week to improve your skills.