The 4 Types of Web Hosting that You Should Be Aware Of

You want to create a website and you told your friend about your plan. Your pal then tells you to also look for a reliable hosting company. To your surprise, you do not even know what that means.

Well, web hosting, in general, refers to your website being hosted on a server for it to be accessible online. Without a server, your website will mainly become a local thing which can only be accessed on your computer.

However, with a hosting solution, your website will be up and running for your audience to see- provided that the server doesn’t go down or suddenly crashes.

There are actually different types of web hosting out there and you need to be aware of them. Fortunately for you, I happen to have all of the information you need, so do read this article until the end.

Free Web Hosting

The first type of hosting plan and one that most people will usually flock to is free web hosting. As the name implies, this type of hosting plan is where your website will be placed on a free server; so you virtually pay absolutely no money for the service.

However, ‘free’ is just a relative term. Should you pay any money to use the server? No. But, the servers would still need to be maintained and the owners of the servers should somehow generate revenue to keep things going.

In order for them to get some revenue, they will post banners on your website. Sadly, you do not have control over what ads are displayed on your website, which can tarnish your website’s reputation if you are planning to establish an authoritative website.

Another downside of free web hosting is the fact that you are unable to change your domain name completely to your liking. Sure, you may be able to change it to whatever name you want, but it will always have an additional entry in the URL that will reflect the server you are using.

Shared Web Hosting

This type of hosting plan is actually the most common one out there as it is not only affordable but it also comes with features that typical users would want.

Shared web hosting is akin to renting an apartment. However, keep in mind that, like in an apartment, you will be in a place with other tenants as well. There are those that are good and there are also those that will hog up all of the resources.

Dedicated Hosting

If you want to get the best possible service, then dedicated hosting is for you. Unlike shared hosting where you share server resources with other websites, you will be given your own space which allows you to gain root access, meaning, you can use the resources as you see fit. Of course, this is also the most expensive hosting plan out there.

VPS Hosting

The last type of hosting plan is the middle ground between shared and dedicated hosting. Think of it as having your own apartment room, albeit that room is in another block that is away from the other tenants.

By using virtualization software, you are given a virtual space of your own which is why it is akin to dedicated hosting in this aspect. Still, it is much cheaper than dedicated hosting and it is also more reliable than shared hosting.