The Definitive Guide to Lasting Longer in Bed

So, what makes women happy? Well, aside from flowers and chocolates, they also want to have some passionate sex with their partners. Men believe that for women to reach an orgasm that they have to last more than 10 minutes. But, a study published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine has revealed that the average time of sex should be anywhere between 3-13 minutes.

I get it, you want to last as long as possible- not only for her, but also for you. Nothing can be more degrading than to finish the entire sexual marathon in under 3 minutes.

If you are worried that your partner might not like the fact that you cannot last as long as you should, then read this article. For today, I will be providing you with a definite guide to lasting longer in bed.


One of the best ways to improve your sexual health and endurance is to eat whole foods. But, one important thing that you should take note is that eating such foods would still require some time for you to reap their benefits, especially if you’ve been eating unhealthily for most of your life.

So, if you want to fast track your progress, you’re going to want to include some men’s sexual health supplements as well.

Whole Foods

Most men typically eat unhealthy foods. Foods such as burgers, pizzas, red meats, beer, and other unhealthy stuff are what constitute our daily meal plan. If you are part of the group that eats these foods on a regular basis, it is time for you to turn on a new leaf.

Ideally, you want to eat whole foods or foods that are not processed and are devoid of any preservatives. You still want to ensure that you are getting enough macronutrients are these are the things that will make your body healthy.

Some foods that I would recommend are quinoa, oats, bananas, grass-fed beef, chicken, pork (without the fat), turkey, legumes, cruciferous vegetables, berries, and a whole lot more.
If you do not know exactly which foods to eat and in what quantities, have a dietitian help you with that.


If you study men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, you will find out that the common thread among sufferers is that they have poor heart health.

When the heart is not healthy, the said organ will not be able to pump oxygenated blood to the different parts of your body, including your penis. That is why you want to do some exercises so that you will not only burn some fat but you are also making sure that your heart remains healthy as well.

Reduce Stress

Stress is another factor that could lead to lower sexual endurance. As much as possible, you want to reduce stress so that you will not experience its ill effects. Things like yoga and exercise can truly help.

Kegel Exercise

You may have heard of this exercise as one that women should perform, but it actually benefits men as well.
Kegel exercise is just a set of exercises that can help strengthen your pelvic muscles, allowing you to last longer in bed.
This exercise can truly help men that suffer from premature ejaculation.