The Elements of Beautiful Website Design


This is probably one of the most essential components of website design. Consider it as the experience and path you will lead customers into. Since you can’t personally lead the people around your pages, you need to have an accessible, intuitive navigation to assist them.

Loading Times

Who would love to browse around a website with slow-loading pages? By having a fast-loading website, you can communicate to your customers that you can be credible and trustworthy. This is like telling them that they should choose you, because you are offering quality products, services and experience.

Elevate Your Content

Keep in mind that photos are the most easily digested content any person can appreciate. Photos can make or break a brand. Make sure to choose high-resolution images that will definitely bring positive impressions.

The Face of Your Brand

In the world of web design, first impressions are everything. Every page in your website is the face of your brand. Focus on the functionality and visual appearance of your landing pages, and home page.

Interactive Elements

It’s not easy to integrate interactive elements in a website. Interactive elements include mouse movements, scroll wheels and other navigational features. Make it unique and visually appealing!

Consistency is key.

Consistency is always key to success. Your font styles and menus might be functional and beautiful, but it they are not consistent all throughout your pages, then it will do nothing.

Color Schemes

We are all visual creatures, and we appreciate amazing color schemes. Choose a color scheme that fits your branding well. Remind your web design agency that using too much colors can ruin the look and feel of your pages. Research on effective color guides online before taking any major step on this.


Less is always more. If you don’t utilize white space, your website would suffer from poor readability. It can also bring your web pages some breathing room. This is part of a simple web design philosophy that can emanate quality, and can go a long way.