What does an Architect do?

Architecture is, no doubt, one of the world’s oldest professions. This discipline combines many engineering principles and concepts with artistic and creative expression. Do you want to be a successful architect someday, and work for a reputable architecture company in Malaysia? With hard work and determination, you can reach that dream.

The primary job of the architect is to plan create and design structures for many purposes, including urban landscaping, industrial, commercial, and residential.

Main Responsibilities

Planning, creating and designing different structures

  • Draft reports that include details regarding material costs, permits, workforce and other required paperwork, with the construction’s estimated time.
  • Taking into account environmental factors that can impact the integrity of the building
  • Adhere to governmental statutes and regulations concerning building, renovation, construction and demolition

Liaising and contacting with potential clients

  • Submit architecture project design proposals for renovation and construction projects
  • Negotiate the fees, and term of construction with potential employers
  • Prepare legal contracts, in case the client selects your design.

Implementing regular in evaluations and visitations

  • Collaborate with the engineers and entire construction workforce with regards to the building’s structural aspects
  • Communicates with interior designers and decorators about landscaping and interior designing
  • Communicates with the company’s legal staff and the construction firm about the permits

Examining old structures’ integrity

  • Deciding whether the structure is suited for renovation, habitation, or demolition.
  • Inspect the overall state of the building, most especially its foundations
  • Assessing the state of electrical, water and emergency systems

Day-to-Day Tasks

  • Implementing inspections of constructions
  • Submitting different design projects for new structures to potential clients
  • Contacting new clients, and maintaining old clients
  • Designing and creating buildings
  • Designing architecture renovation plans for all existing structures
  • Assessing the conditions of old structures to check if they are still habitable