Which Baby Gears Should You Buy and Which Ones Should You Skip?

I think it is a safe assumption that every parent out there just wants what’s best for their babies. That being said, you have to buy certain things for your baby to ensure their safety, comfort, and happiness.

There is the usual stuff such as baby clothes, milk bottles, shoes, and many more. But, with so many baby gears out there, which ones should you buy and which ones can be safely skipped? Read on to find out.

Baby Gears that You Should Splurge On

These items may be expensive, but they are a worthwhile investment, especially since these items can be used for a very long time. Here are some baby gears that you can safely splurge on:

  • Car Seat– This is actually a must, especially if you have a car. In fact, there are some hospitals that would not allow you to go home with your baby if you do not have a car seat specifically made for them. That being said, you must get one that is appropriate for your baby, as well as compatible with your existing car.
  • Stroller– Another must-have, baby strollers are a godsend for parents who want to go out with their babies and have a convenient time doing that. There are different types of strollers that are fit for every occasion, so be sure to do your own research and get the one that is best for both you and your baby.
  • Breast Pump– Pediatricians and health experts agree that mothers should always give their babies breastmilk until the mother is no longer able to produce them. It contains a lot of nutrients which is why you want to feed that to your baby for as long as possible. That being said, having your baby suck the milk directly off of your nipples may be inconvenient and painful. But do not worry, breast pumps will save you. These things will help pump breastmilk off of your nipples so that you can feed them to your baby- pain-free!
  • Gliders– These are chairs that allow for maximum comfort whenever you are with your baby. They tend to have some key features that parents (and babies) would love such as the ability to rock, swivel, recline, and even glide for maximum comfort and so that your baby falls asleep much quicker.

Baby Gears You Can Safely Skip

These things, although very nice to have, can be safely skipped. Some examples are:

  • Bottle Sterilizer– Although it is important that you sterilize your baby’s milk bottles before use, you typically only have to do it once so there is no need for a bottle sterilizer.
  • Feeding Pillow– These are specialized pillows that will help to feed your baby so much easier. However, they are just fancy pillows and are not worth your money. You can use regular pillows instead.
  • Bottle Warmer– There are special bottle warmers that are quite convenient to use. This can be useful if your baby prefers warmer milk. However, you can do the same by just putting the bottle in hot water for a couple of minutes.