Why Watches Are Great Alternative Investments

You might have heard from your friend, co-worker, or your family member that you
should start investing your money in something that will bring you great profits, given
enough time to marinate.

Usually, you’re going to think about properties, cars, stocks, bonds, insurances as your
usual investments and you are actually not mistaken by thinking so.

But, there are also some great alternative investments as well. Take for example the
simple wristwatch. Rolex wristwatches have sold really high from its original price in
recent years.

In fact, the vintage watch market has seen some amazing profits in recent years thanks
to the proliferation of certain rare watch models and the fact that people are becoming
wealthier every year.

Today, I am going to talk about some reasons why watches are great alternative

Buy the Rolex

Rolex has become a household name. In fact, if you talk about wristwatches to other
people, they might instantly refer to it as “the Rolex”. Anyway, every model that the
Swiss watchmaker makes is always going to sell, especially in the Asian markets.

You see, people in Europe and in the United States often see Rolex aplenty but if you
go to the Asian markets, you will find that there aren’t a lot of them. And, you know that
scarcity helps drive up demand and prices as well.

According to Andy Yee, managing director of Hing’s Watch Sdn Bhd in Malaysia, he
said that Rolex watches appreciate in value about 10% every year, though he also
added that you could see any appreciation in the price for at least 5 years before you
make a move to sell it.

For instance, if you acquire, say, a Rolex Submariner which usually costs RM30,000 in
Malaysia, you can wait for about 5 years or so and that price might go high in the
RM50,000 to RM75,000 range depending on the make and model.

Yee said that because of the popularity and the watchmaking process of the Swiss
company, Rolex watches are great investments because of those reasons. And
seriously, if you see a Rolex watch in person, you will definitely agree with me!

Other Brands and Models

If you are not into diving watches but you still want a timepiece that can truly sell in the
secondary markets, then look at the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch. It got its moniker
because it is one of the only timepieces that were used to travel to the moon. That is
why it is quite desirable in the used markets.

Although you cannot buy the original watch that was used in man’s voyage to the moon,
the company has retained its original design so that you could still say that it has
become part of horological history.

Buy Watches that You Want

Although getting the right wristwatches can make you a profit given enough time, Yee
said that you should always buy watches based on the timepiece that you like wearing.

At the end of the day, watches should be worn even if you do not want to wear them all
the time. It is called an investment for a reason and that can also mean that you love
wearing what you paid for.