Wrist Watches versus Pocket Watches

Are you thinking of getting a new timepiece? There are tons of women’s and men’s watches in
Malaysia that you can select from. From historical classics to contemporary styles, the style you
will go for would definitely transform your look. So, what kind of watch will be perfect for you?

In this article, we will compare two classic timepieces–a wrist watch and a pocket watch.

The key features of a wristwatch

Basically, a wrist watch is an accessory that is worn around the wrist. It is a lot more common
than a pocket watch, and has turned into a modern accessory. It’s not easy to shop for a wrist
watch, since there are plenty of styles available in the market.

Modern wrist watches are highly versatile. You can wear it every single day, and at the same
time on special formal occasions. To know the time, all you need to is glance on your wrist.

The Key features of a pocket watch

Pocket watches are handheld accessories which are attached on a chain, and then worn through a
vest lapel or jacket. It is known as a formal accessory often worn at weddings and other formal
events. For many people, this is not something that they would wear every day.

Pocket watches has a historic touch. It often holds sentimental, personal value for owners. This is
not as handy as your usual wrist watch, but it brings a certain class to any outfit.

Should you buy a wrist watch or a pocket watch?

There are many types of watches available in the market. Go for the one that perfectly matches
your style and taste.

Get a wrist watch if:

  • You are aiming for a more casual style.
  • You want a watch with extra technical features like GPS, pulse monitors and WiFi.
  • You are looking for convenience and ease of use; you want to be able to easily and
    quickly check the time.
  • You need a watch that you can wear every day, along with any outfit.

Get a pocket watch if:

  • You want an heirloom and investment piece; a pocket watch is an heirloom watch that
    can stay with your family for many generations
  • You want to bring distinguished, classic look
  • You are attending a special occasion like a birthday party, wedding or business
    conference, and want to make a good impression with a formal ensemble.
  • You want something unique and historic to the masses.