Your Basic Guide to Affiliate Marketing

I remember my first day at work because I am so excited to start earning my first
paycheck. My first paycheck came in and I was very ecstatic. Finally, I can get the
money that I need to buy the stuff that I want.

As years went on, however, the constant stress of having to commute to work has
gotten to me. I had to spend literally two hours every day just to go to work and that is
two hours that I cannot get back.

Then, I turn to other ways of generating income and a friend of mine told me to look into
affiliate marketing. So, I did and it is one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made!

Not only was I able to make this my primary work but I also do not have to go to the
office just to generate income! In fact, not to brag here, but I’ve amassed quite an
income that I’ve out-earned my previous income!

I know, it sounds quite appealing, right? But, how exactly can you get into the game?
Whether it is Youtube affiliate marketing or if you have your own website, do read
further to find out how to get started.

Choose Your Own Platform

The first thing that you need to do would be to establish your own platform. Basically,
the idea of affiliate marketing from the publisher’s perspective is that the publisher
would have to have their own platform for which they can create content.

Ideally, you want to have your own website so you can post your content from there, but
you could also turn to social media or even Youtube to get things going.

Basically, the idea behind affiliate marketing is that you create your own content,
mention your affiliate links and place them somewhere your audience can easily click

Now, depending on your partner merchant’s payment model, you will get a percentage
commission depending on a number of parameters. That is why affiliate marketing is
more of a performance-based marketing model more than anything.

The good thing about being an affiliate is that you can easily enroll yourself in an affiliate
program even if you still do not have a well-established audience.

Again, your mileage may vary, but as soon as you’ve developed a knack for creating
quality content and you have amassed a loyal following, your success will be inevitable!

Affiliate Networks

As an affiliate, you will need to go and find companies and merchants to partner with.

But, that can be a hassle to find affiliate programs on your own. That is why you turn to
affiliate networks which are basically the intermediaries that will act on behalf of the
affiliate and the partner company.

What I love about affiliate networks is the fact that you can easily browse through a
number of different companies. I suggest that you look into Amazon’s affiliate program
and even Rakuten marketing as a start.

Remember, your success in this industry will depend largely on your performance so if
you are performing well, you can expect to gain a lot of money from this!