5 Disadvantages of MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

I know some people would be attracted to the title. Some Malaysians are skeptical of multi level marketing. They called it a scheme or agenda or scam. Others would trash-talk about multi level marketing systems. 

There are reasons why MLM is there to stay. Then, most of their following and followers are so keen on staying inside the circle. Yes, all things have good and bad also have positive and negative things to them. So does a multi level marketing system. They have good things and bad things to them. 


Just an Agent in MLM

Each MLM member is not an entrepreneur, but simply a follower in a complex hierarchical system, over which they tend to have little control. So, they will be controlled by a system that is in effect at that time, and cannot be free.


Must Diligently Promote To Get Sales

Must be diligent in promoting MLM business to the public in case to find customers. Honestly I admit I really do not like to find people, especially when those I want to be a downline have to pay in advance if they want to participate, on average many will never be interested and agree to join this business especially if there is no product anymore it is difficult to convince them.


Have To Lie (Most Of The Time and Most of Those in MLM)

I have to lie that I have become rich in the MLM business. This is why I can see many people making money, many people using luxury cars, sitting in luxury bungalows, the fact is that it is not a house and property or in fact the house is still bank owned by debt.


Some MLM Companies Are Oppressing 

The most rubbish is to maintain the monthly payment to the upline. This time I just heard a story that if you want to rank high, you have to make sure that every month you make a payment to the upline, right? I don’t know if this is true or not because many MLMs oppress their subordinates.


Hidden and Side Costs 

Then, the side costs are there even though it is not too much. I really don’t like it when I have to spend money to do a business like this, but whatever the business, there must be capital, only I’m still not ready for that because I don’t see the light in the field of MLM business, maybe not my livelihood here.


In Conclusion 

In a nutshell, those are the MLM disadvantages stated above that you should know about. The bottom line – so this is what I feel about the MLM business, not only do I feel kind of skeptical about this business but apparently a lot of people do as well. Nonetheless, despite the doubts, from myself and people outside, it turns out that there are also those who are successful in this MLM business. Maybe their sustenance is there.  You need perseverance and hardwork to succeed okay. MLM software development is needed for your MLM business.