Playing Games Addiction: Effects

Actually video games may initially have been created to provide alternative entertainment to humans but over time it has poisoned and made this video game an activity that leaves a lot of negative effects. However playing video games can be and addiction. Video games will have adverse effects such as addiction when they have been used excessively and excessively. If the husband can be addicted to the Clash of Clans (COC) game, the child can also be addicted to the same game. Not only that, maybe other games that we are not aware of.


What’s more, if such games have been introduced to children as early as 2 years old, then the effects are feared to be more severe. There are many disadvantages of the iPad and other gadgets that parents need to know.



  1. Less Communicate With People

First and foremost, children just keep quiet. They will keep quiet for the longest time possible. Try to see the child’s development. If gadgets are a substitute for parents, then when is it time for us to communicate with the child? If left unchecked, the child will play a game that is not without limits and controls.

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Parents, on the other hand, are busy with work, they do not have time to forbid or even control their children. So communication is less and less and the relationship is less close.


  1. No Focus or Little Focus

Children who are too exposed to video games, will begin to lose focus on their learning. This is because video games have had a negative impact on his vision. He was only interested in bright, fast-moving and interchangeable images.


Books are no longer a favorite material. Children will quickly get bored if they just look at a book and sit and listen to the teacher’s chatter in class.


  1. Like To Isolate Themselves or Yourself

A child who is addicted to video games will like to isolate himself because he does not want to be disturbed for being too focused on his game.


He was so excited to collect scores and always set a target to win every single video game involved. The room will be his ‘center’ for uninterrupted play.


  1. Lost Interest In Previous Hobbies

Our previous child may have been very interested in playing ball on the field or playing bicycle with his friends. Yet since his addiction to video games, he may no longer be interested. He already has a new hobby which is wallowing with his gadgets.


  1. Disturbed Emotion

Children who are suspected of being addicted to video games are often seen to be emotionally disturbed. He is easily upset when harassed or defeated. Sometimes seen too excited when winning. If his gadget is kept, he starts to get sad and ‘die of fleas’ because he doesn’t know what he wants to do at that point.


  1. Start Cheatingpussy888 apk download

The child, who is feared to be addicted to video games, has already started cheating to get more time with his gadgets. If left unchecked, he may skip his prayer time or tell his mother and father that his homework, which is still neatly stored in the bag, has already been completed. This is the danger if not controlled!


  1. Weight Gain

The child will be less mobile. Sweat is not as heavy as before when he plays ball or even pedals a bicycle. He just sat facing the gadget and moved a few fingers. Food and soft drinks surround it. The weight is getting heavier! Play pussy888 apk download