How To Play Poker – Step By Step

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You must be one of those who are quite bored already and think that playing in a slot casino online Malaysia is quite fun. Well, you are not wrong, and the good news is, you don’t need to use real money all the time when you are playing in an online casino. That is right as there is a demo game feature in almost all casinos and here you can just use dummy money. 

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So, do you think poker is fun? You are just like the thousands of poker players out there and if you have not tried playing this game ever, the following pointers might help you:

  • Hole cards

These are the first two cards that will be given to each player face down. These cards will also be the starting point of some of the decisions each player has to make. 

  • Five community cards

These are the cards that can be used by each player to combine with two or one of their cards. These will be face up so that everyone can see and can form their poker hand. 

  • The best hand

The one with the best hand among those who decide to fight will be the winner of course. Yes, there are times when winning cards won’t have the confidence and will decide to fold instead and thus give up on the chance to win. 

  • Betting rounds

In the poker game, each player has 4 rounds to bet. In every round, you have the option to double your money while at the same time, there is also a chance of losing them entirely. This is why you should make sure to analyze your actions. Most of the time though, it is always better to raise or to call. 

These are just the first things you need to know to start a poker game. After this, you also need to know the hand rankings. Check this out:

High cards – these are 5 cards with different suits and numbers. This is the lowest in the rank and the ranking will be based on the highest card which is of course the ace. 

One pair – here you have one pair and three different cards in different suits. If you have the same pair as your opponent, the winning cards will be the ones with the highest card of the remaining three. 

Two pairs – a set of five with 2 pairs and one independent card. 

Three of a kind – three same number cards with two independent cards.

Straight – 5 cards in succeeding numbers in different suits.

Flush – 5 cards in the same suit but not in order. 

Full house – three the same number cards plus a pair.

Straight flash – the same suit and succeeding numbers.

Royal flush – the same suit of the 5 highest numbers in succeeding order. 

Yes, basically, you need to familiarize yourself with this so that you will have better chances of winning and an easier time making good decisions.