Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends to Expect in 2019 and Beyond

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Do you know what the Internet of Things is? It is basically an interconnection of smart devices that will help improve the lives of every individual who has them installed in their homes and offices.That being said, as more and more companies release affordable IoT and smart devices, we can expect mobile app developers to do their thing and create applications that will further enhance the functionality of the said devices.So today, I am going to talk about some of the trends in mobile app development concerning the Internet of Things in 2019 and beyond.

Improved App Security

With the increase in more affordable IoT devices, mobile app developers can now focus their attention on improving their mobile app’s security. You see, the rate of security breaches has increased manifold in the past couple of years and smart devices are quite vulnerable considering that they follow different standards and protocols. Fortunately, manufacturers have made an agreement to standardize the protocol making it so much easier for app developers to bolster their apps’ security.

AI in IoT

Artificial intelligence has many use-cases, which means that it can also be utilized to improve the IoT. Both of these technologies are data-driven, which means that they can handle plenty of data that can be used to improve its existing functionalities. What does this mean to the end-user? Improved services.

Machine Learning Dominance

Machine learning has actually been implemented in a lot of smartphone applications. Siri is one great example of this and it will continue to learn its user’s habits to provide better services. With the release of Apple’s Core ML and Google’s ML toolkits, app developers can now make IoT devices smarter and more efficient.

IoT and Cryptocurrency Integration

As mentioned earlier, security breaches in Smart Devices are quite rampant simply because of the non-standardized protocols being used in current devices. Even though the standardization process is underway, the security of the IoT can further be improved by using Blockchain technology. Commonly known as a tool to help secure cryptocurrency transactions, the technology can actually be used to bolster other defenses as well.

Interconnected Devices with AR and VR

We can make what is known as Mixed Reality by combining both AR and VR technologies for a more immersive user experience. When coupled with IoT, expect immersion throughout the entire premises.

More Streamlined Mobile App Development

The IoT can also help streamline the app creation process. Normally, developers would have to rely on existing frameworks to develop an app from scratch. But, with the proliferation of smart devices, developers can effectively reduce the time that it takes to develop an application by enhancing the features of already existing apps.

Help Deliver a More Personalized User Experience

With the use of machine learning and integrating it with the IoT, app developers can create smart apps that can learn from the habits of their users to provide a more personalized user experience.

App Efficacy Will Increase

All of the existing mobile applications today can have their feature set improved when they are connected to smart devices. This can also be true for newly created applications as well.

Consumer-focused IoT

Smart devices can not only be installed in homes but it can also be used in the workplace as well. Wherever you install such devices, you are going to be assured that it is for the betterment of the consumer.

More Developers with Improved Skills

As the Internet of Things become mainstream, the mobile app developers of tomorrow will be more equipped to create amazing applications from this point onward.