Types Of Roof Drain Pipes

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Roofs exist in a variety of forms, sizes, and designs. This vast range of structures, from highly pitched roofs to entirely flat roofs, large buildings to small sheds, results in a wide range of drainage requirements. While most people associate roof drainage with gutters, which are an important component, there are numerous other forms of roof drains that are utilized in addition to this commonly used option.

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Roof and drainage maintenance is one of the most important things a building owner should do. This is to make sure that the water flow from the roof does not clog.

There are four types of drain pipes that we are going to talk about:

  1.       Inner drain

This is the most used in commercial properties. Drainage pipes are installed beneath the roof or in the parapet wall to ensure that no pipes are visible or in a simpler word, it is hidden. This drainage system is often installed at the roof’s centre or where the slope is directed. These are best suited for big roofs.

This type of drain pipe is resistant to freezing which will reduce the possibility of clogging but the downside of using inner drain is it is very costly to repair and maintain. This is because the pipe is technically under the roof and it will cause damage to your walls. Regular maintenance is needed for this kind of pipe.

  1.       Scupper drain

Scuppers are frequently utilized on flat roofs with a parapet or other form of perimeter barrier surrounding the roof. Scuppers are open holes or channels carved into the parapet or roof edge. Water simply flows down the scuppers since the roof slopes toward them. It also will not cause any damage to your walls.

Other than being less expensive than the inner drain as it does not need any costly maintenance, it is less likely to clog the drain or damage the system. it only works for the wider pipe. For buildings without space for wider scupper drain, it has a high possibility to clog.

  1.       Gutter drain

Gutter drain or also called as a conductor pipe is basically a trough that is used to drain the excess water from the roof. It is usually placed on the edge of the roof. Normally, you can easily find this kind of drain pipe on houses. It has few materials such as aluminium, vinyl and galvanized steel. They all have different longevity depending on the materials used.

Gutter drain is also affordable and will help to protect the foundation of your house and prevent soil erosion. But, as it is an open drainage, it will need regular cleaning and maintenance to make sure it can be used for a long time.

  1.       Siphonic roof drain

A siphonic roof drainage system helps pass water faster than other roof drainage systems and is commonly used for flat roofs. It allows a minimal number of drains and all can be connected to a single leader. This type of drain pipe is usually used for flat commercial roofs.

Siphonic roof drain will cost you a lot more money but it is worth it to pay for it. It works smoothly with minimum drain flowing through. The maintenance cost for this pipe is also lower than the other.

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