Ways to help people with gambling problem

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‘All that they need is someone to talk to or a soul that would not judge’. This is well situated when someone is going through a very tough time and especially if they have to battle it all alone.Those people will find it hard to open up and some prefer not to by struggling and  fighting the demons in themselves. But why? Society. We live in a society where people get judged if they go through some serious mental illness or whatsoever. However, issues like this have been given more attention and awareness where people are beginning to accept them and they definitely must.


On the other hand, gambling can push someone to some consequences. If you witness or encounter someone who has problems with gambling, be sure to support them by listening and giving advice as it can progress to be worse which eventually can cause financial problems, increase in debt and even worst to worst suicide (don’t you want to save a life or at least change someone’s life?). The next time, you come across someone with gambling problems these are what you can do to make them feel better:


1.Listen ! Listen ! Listen! 


By listening to someone, they might think that they are appreciated and they will feel comfortable to share what they are going through. This is because if you insist not to listen, the person might feel lonely without knowing what to do in life. Do not be pushy and make sure that gambling is causing problems for the person. Ask that person how could you help them for instance bringing them for treatment or counselling. This is because if you start advising a lot they might end up getting even more frustrated instead of better.Then, it will be an awful situation where you are not supposed to belong. If they are willing to open up, allocate some time for them. 


2.Express yourself


Express yourself here means not to talk about you but instead about how they have changed since the problem or something that bothers you. For example :


  • Spending less time with family – The person might have spent most of the time in gambling centres and did not pay enough attention to his/her family relationship.
  • Stopped doing their favourite activities – The person might have gone hiking or cycling every week but stopped doing them.
  • Is often stress –  Some unnecessary thoughts might have bothered them all the time or a lot of responsibilities to be carried out.

By pointing out all these, the person may rethink his decisions and try to overcome them. They can also make the person realise how much he has left out by letting gambling to take over his life. 


3.Suggest ways to overcome


They can involve themselves in activities such as starting a new hobby, taking up the 100 day challenge( take a break from gambling as in blackjack and so on.  Besides self help, you can also play your part by advising them on how they can spend their money for gambling. Perhaps, they can make a table on how much money they should spend gambling weekly or monthly. Not only for gambling but also to settle other utilities such as electricity bills, expenses for the family such as food, childrens’ education and so on.

Besides that, you can also help them to replace the time spent for gambling with other activities such as sight seeing, going for a movie, visiting the zoo and participating in sports. This can relax the mind and make the person more calm and confident in encountering the problem.

Apart from that, family is important which means the person needs social connection as well. Talking and spending time with family could possibly alleviate all the unnecessary thoughts as no matter what family is the one who is gonna be with you till the end.

In addition, there are options like counseling which are face-to-face, peer, and phone where they will assist the person who is going through some problems. Getting help should not be seen as an embarrassment. Those people are not weak, they just need help to overcome what they are going through.


When you are gambling in the best online casino  in malaysia , you should know your limits and should not have really high hopes in order to avoid complications due to gambling. It is always important to stay safe in whatever you do as your actions can affect the ones around you as well. Think before you do something!